FlexiSpot Discount Codes & Deals December 2023

  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpot£150 off Next Generation Height Adjustable Desk E7 PRO Orders at Flexispot#£150 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeE7PRO
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotSave 140 off at 8-in-1 Standing Desk Q8 Was: £699.99 Now: £559.99.#£699.99#Discount Codemore

    Get CodeBFQ8
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotBlack Friday: £130 off BackSupport Office Chair BS10 at Flexispot#£130 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeFBS10
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotBlack Friday: £200 off POLY Ergonomic Office and Home Chair Orders at Flexispot#£200 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeFBS13
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotBlack Friday: £120 off Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair BS11 PRO Orders at Flexispot#£120 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeFBS11
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotDon't Miss Out: Black Friday Bargains Galore at FlexiSpot#Sale#Deal

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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotBlack Friday: £130 off Multifunctional Adjustable Upgraded Fabric Ergonomic Chair BS12 PRO Orders at Flexispot#£130 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeFBS12
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotScore £170 off on Luxurious power recliner X2#£170 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeBFX2
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotScore £300 off on 4-Leg Standing Desk E7Q#£300 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeBFE7Q
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpot10% Off Sitewide with This FlexiSpot Black Friday Discount Code#10% OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeBF10
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotSave £150 on at Standing Desk Premium Series E7 Was: £419.99 Now: £269.99.#£150#Discount Code

    Get CodeBFE7
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotEarly Bird Sale: Save £170 off Next-Generation Height Adjustable Desk E7-PRO.#£170 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeE7PRO
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotSave £50 on Gaming Desk GT3 Was: £299.99 Now: £249.99.#£50#Discount Code

    Get CodeBFGT3
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpotScore £30 off Recliner Chair XC2#£30 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeFSXC2
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpot12% Discount on Orders at Flexispot#12% OFF#Discount Code

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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpot£100 off Flexi-Chair Ergonomic Office Chair BS8 Orders at Flexispot#£100 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeFSBS8
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  • FlexiSpot discount codes

    #FlexiSpot£80 off Ergonomic Resilient Swivel Office Chair BS3 Orders at Flexispot#£80 OFF#Discount Code

    Get CodeFSBS3
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    #Seated FurnitureGet the Next Day 1600mm Ergonomic Desk and Mesh Chair Bundle from £239.99#£239.99 OFF#Deal

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All infomation about FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot desk
At FlexiSpot, they know that you and your employees work hard and want to maintain a welcoming and productive office. They specialize in comfortable office furniture that will help your staff avoid back and neck pains after hours of sitting down. Their easy-to-use website offers thousands of stylish, ergonomic desks & chairs - perfect for creating a unique studio space.

The great thing about shopping on our site is that all products are so affordable. With FlexiSpot discount codes, you can get even better deals!

FlexiSpot money-saving tips

  • FLEXISPOT’s bargain-hunters have access to a number of money-saving opportunities. Make sure you try the following:

  • Welcome to the FLEXISPOT outlet - Home of great deals. Visit the section for various gaming chairs, desks & accessories with rare price discounts up to £60.

  • Don't pay over the odds for your home or gaming needs. With a FLEXISPOT voucher, you can grab a deal of up to 15% on gaming chairs from the shop.

  • Hassle-free? FLEXISPOT offers free delivery and you can get your furniture and accessories in a week!

Can I get free delivery at FlexiSpot?

All orders will receive their items within 7 business days with FlexiSpot's free delivery to your door.

FlexiSpot free returns

You get free returns with FlexiSpot’s 30 day guarantee. Once you send your items back to them, the return process takes just 5 days.

FlexiSpot seasonal sales

FlexiSpot often has seasonal deals you can take advantage of in order to save money. One example is the summer sale, which usually offers price cuts on selected product lines. The sales also provides attractive deals with FLEXISPOT discounts on their range of work desks.

Does FlexiSpot offers student discount?

Would you like to save 12% at FLEXISPOT? Simply verify your student status.

Is there a FlexiSpot sign-up offer I can get?

Yes, sign up for their special subscription offer & get 10% off your order. You'll also receive exclusive deals and tips about ergonomic furniture.

FlexiSpot refer a friend scheme

By referring your friends to their FLEXISPOT programme you'll earn £10 for each referral and they'll also get a £15 discount.

How to contact with FlexiSpot?

  • Call: +44 204 5187 138
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 105
    HA9 7ND

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About FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot lifts your computer off your desk and lets you convert any flat surface into an ergonomically sound workspace. FlexiSpot offers a range of desks which you can raise up to create standing workstations. This improves your health by promoting the healthy habits of sitting, standing and even pacing while working.

FlexiSpot goes the extra mile to make sure everything they make is of exceptional quality. After extensive testing, their products passed tests like fatigue, vibrations, temperature and more. It's no wonder that these products are top notch all around.

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