How UCVoucher Funds Itself: An Insight Into Our Commitment to Transparency

Our Commitment to Transparency and Trust: How UCVoucher Makes Money

At UCVoucher, the well-being of online shoppers is close to our hearts. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible when shopping online. UCVoucher is an ad-free platform, free of charges, and dedicated to protecting your privacy.

The trust of our users is our most valuable asset. We are here not only to help you save but also to do so with the utmost transparency and integrity. Here, we explain how we keep our platform running while prioritizing your needs and your privacy.

Affiliate Relationships: Clear Connections

Like many other websites, we earn a commission from some stores through affiliate programs. This means if you click on a coupon through our site and it leads to a purchase, UCVoucher may receive a small thank-you fee. But here is our promise:

What We Don't Do: No Ads, No Selling of Data

We distinguish ourselves from many other coupon websites on a few crucial points:

For the Shoppers, By the Shoppers

We list coupons for as many stores as possible, even if we receive no financial incentive for doing so. While many coupon websites only publish coupons for stores that pay commissions, our goal is to help shoppers save in as many stores as possible.

Our approach is based on the principle that your trust and satisfaction come first. By creating a transparent and trusted environment, we hope you choose UCVoucher as your favorite platform for finding coupons and saving on your online purchases.